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Jeffrey S. Bernstein

Jeffrey Bernstein is Senior Business and Policy Analyst for Telecommunications Management Group, Inc. (TMG), an international telecommunications consulting firm. His career interests lie at the intersection of telecommunications business and policy, particularly with respect to international telecommunications. To this end, he is working to both apply and expand his knowledge of telecommunications business strategy and policy issues over the course of his career.

Among other duties at TMG, Mr. Bernstein analyzes telecommunications business and regulatory environments around the world and advises clients on relevant regulatory and strategy issues. He has recently analyzed telecommunications issues and services including migration to 3G (IMT-2000), terrestrial mobile licensing policies, mobile termination rates, domain name management, ENUM, convergence, and streaming media and has experience evaluating the impact of telecommunications and information technology policies on culture and economic development. He is an active member of the IEEE 802 Working Group on Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (IEEE 802.20).

In December 2001, Mr. Bernstein completed a Master of Arts in International Communication as well as a Master of Business Administration at American University. His primary research focus was in the introduction of telecommunications technologies into developing nations and the impacts those technologies have on culture and communications. This research will be particularly useful as new technologies change communication processes and culture. In December 2001, he completed a research paper on these issues with respect to Peru for the International Communication degree. From May through July of 2001 he participated in a field practicum, the capstone project of the MBA program. For the field practicum, Mr. Bernstein worked as part of a four-member team of MBA students who provided strategic management consulting services to CompassRose International, a telecommunications consulting firm. During his final year of graduate studies, he was selected as a Presidential Management Intern (PMI) finalist.

From January 2001 to April 2001, Mr. Bernstein was an intern in AT&T's Federal Government Affairs office, in which he worked on a variety of projects supporting AT&T's international government affairs operations. In October 2000, he also accepted a position as Student Liaison to the Executive Board of the Capitol Telecommunications Professionals, a Washington, DC metro area association of professionals in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Bernstein also served as Chair of the International Communication Student Forum (ICSF), the organization for students of American University's International Communication program, from May 2000 to April 2001. While an ICSF officer, he worked to make the organization much more active and useful to IC students. In addition, he worked as a graduate assistant to Dr. Edward Comor, aiding his research on the political economy of communication and particularly transnational mass media corporations.

In 1997, Mr. Bernstein completed a double major degree in International Relations and Economics from the University of California, Davis. One year of his undergraduate education was spent on the University of California's Education Abroad Program in Israel and traveling through the Middle East and Europe. Before enrolling at American University, he spent nearly two years working for the Investor Responsibility Research Center, researching issues of corporate governance and socially responsible investing.

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